Executive Team

Prof. Gilbert Walker: Chief Technology Officer

Prof. Gilbert Walker is the co-founder of SYLLETA. He is a Canada Research Chair (Tier 1) who brings extensive knowledge and experience in surface science, and has worked in the field since 1995. He has been a research leader in ship hull biofouling program of USA Office of Naval Research since 1996; Canada Research Chair Professor at University of U. Toronto since 2005; Onshore capture fishery (trawl, weir), 1977-1983, near Digby, NS. He is the co-inventor of the two technologies developed in this project.

Ms. Mandy Koroniak: Manager,Finance and Administration  

Mandy Koroniak has worked with the founders of SYLLETA since 2007. She holds graduate degrees in the humanities and library and information science, has hands-on years of experience managing annual portfolios in excess of $1 million, including major infrastructure projects and co-management of a multi-year strategic network grant worth $5 million. She is responsible for the overall management of SYLLETA's financial resources, financial reporting, human resources, and administration.



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